LOCATION: 412 4th Street, Carver, MN 55315, USA
PHONE: 952-913-4964
EMAIL: fosninfo@gmail.com


The Saint Nicholas Prayer Garden is for people of all faiths and backgrounds to commune with God and nature. We pray that the Prayer Garden will offer you a place of kindness, comfort, and love.


This Prayer Garden is to provide a peaceful, hopeful sanctuary that helps people connect to faith.

Located on the bluffs of Carver, Minnesota, the Prayer Garden is founded in the spirit of St. Nicholas, St. Mother Teresa, and many holy men and women.

Our Prayer Garden features giant boulders that support one another as an affirmation of how we support one another. With its circular pathways and winding characteristics, the St. Nicholas Prayer Garden reminds us of Jesus’ desire to welcome, envelop, and embrace everyone in His circled arms.


HOURS: Open Every Day, 6am-10pm

Download the Prayer Garden map for your next visit.


Video of our Prayer Garden


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