Support the Prayer Garden

We rely on each and every one of you to make the St. Nicholas Prayer Garden known and loved. Please continue to support the Prayer Garden financially by contributing to Friends of St. Nicholas.

Your continual support will not only help us complete the project but also maintain this holy place for years to come. As you may know, we have created the Friends of St. Nicholas, which is a separate non-profit organization to ensure the longterm viability of our Prayer Garden and that nothing is taken away from our regular parish ministry. All financial contributions for the prayer garden should be made payable to Friends of St. Nicholas. No parish funds have been used for this project.

We have been blessed by many generous donors who have allowed us to get to this day. To complete the prayer garden, we invite all of you to consider participating in the Friends of St. Nicholas Brick Purchasing opportunity if you have not already. You can purchase a brick or simply make a cash donation towards this project.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please see or call Jodee at (952) 913-4964.